Dante Over Distance
Dante over distance is a robust audio networking solution that enables seamless remote production. It utilizes standard IP networks to transmit high-quality audio in real-time, facilitating collaboration among geographically dispersed teams and enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of remote audio production workflows.
Remote Mixing
Remote mixing represents a transformative leap in audio production, harnessing real-time audio and control capabilities. Using virtual or large-format consoles like Solid State Logic, Pro Tools, or DiGiCo, engineers can manipulate audio mixes remotely with precision. This workflow enhancement fosters collaboration, as teams can work from diverse locations, offering flexibility, reducing costs, and ensuring high-quality sound output—all in real-time, thanks to this advanced technology.
Remote RF Services
Remote RF coordination with Polyphonic partner Jetwave Wireless streamlines wireless microphone and IEM system management. Utilizing advanced software, it enables audio professionals to remotely optimize RF frequencies, reduce interference, and ensure seamless wireless audio performance, enhancing event and broadcast production capabilities from a distance.
Cloud Hosted IP Based Intercom
Polyphonic partner Jetwave Wireless offers Clearcom’s cloud-hosted communication solutions for live events, ensuring robust, scalable, and reliable communication. This cloud support enhances coordination, flexibility, and accessibility, allowing event teams to seamlessly collaborate and manage communication needs from any location, elevating the overall live event experience.
Remote Lighting
Polyphonic Packets network enables seamless interconnection for lighting designers, utilizing GrandMA 3 and allowing real-time remote control and programming. Integration with Depence visualizer streamlines collaboration, empowering designers to manipulate lighting setups remotely from anywhere, enhancing efficiency, and expanding creative possibilities in stage and event lighting.
Live Stream
Polyphonic Packets is the ultimate live event solution, enabling not only HD 1080p streaming but also revolutionizing remote mixing with lossless audio at low latency. This comprehensive package equips crews for remote production, enhancing the overall live streaming experience by offering top-tier Audio and video quality, an immersive environment, and precise audio control, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable event for audiences worldwide.